Good Apple:

Why You Love It + How To Use It

You've seen them—those TikToks where they swipe + go gaga for Good Apple foundation's instant full coverage. You probably made your own. An iconic moment, for sure.

But here's the deal: A little Good Apple goes a LONG way. We're not big on the rules here, but we do like to give pro tips to help you make the most of our high-performance formulas.


Take us at our word. When we say full coverage, we mean it. Not a threat. Just a fact. You don't need much of Good Apple's ultra-potent formula for the full effect.

Don't dig, but swirl lightly. Dab off the excess on the back of your hand and work in thin layers. Hi, seamless coverage.


Your tools translate to techniques. Change your tools to fit your vision.

If you're shooting for light-to-medium coverage, use a damp sponge. Dab, dab, dab until Good Apple and your skin become one.

If you're craving the max effect, go in with a dense foundation brush and start turning up your base. Be painterly with your strokes. Use short, buffing motions and let the brush do the work.

If you just need to spot conceal, go digital. Literally. Just use your finger to blend + build where you want it.


This is vital if your skin veers oily. We formulated Good Apple for dry-skinned artists hungry for fresh, full coverage. It's hydrating from swipe on to wipe off. So, the oilier you are, the more you need to powder it down.

Try Good Apple with Lock-It Setting Powder for all-day wear + a blurred-out velvet-matte finish.

Take these tips to heart and enjoy Good Apple to the fullest.


We concocted Good Apple to show some full-coverage love for our dry-skinned followers. It's not too dewy, not too matte. It's just right. Matte without emphasizing texture. Hydrating without melting off.

Because everyone deserves to know the joys of full coverage.

It looks good on the outside + does good on the inside thanks to a double dose of skin-kind ingredients. Apple extract helps nourish skin + sodium hyaluronate helps with immediate and all-day hydration.

Insert sound cue: The refreshing crunch of a crisp, juicy apple.

Now, go on and get yours. Shop Good Apple here.