How to Create Different Looks with Good Apple Foundation Balm

Looking for tips on how to apply KVD Good Apple Foundation Balm? Stop scrolling. We might be biased, but we’re pretty sure Good Apple is the best full-coverage foundation out there when it comes to creating versatile makeup looks, especially if you have dry skin. So, let’s get into how to create different makeup looks with our spin on cream foundation.


Before we get into the looks, we’re gonna take a moment to hype ourselves up a bit. Good Apple is our most viral foundation ever for good reason. Actually, make that reasons plural: It’s a lightweight full-coverage foundation. It’s a hydrating foundation. It’s anoncomedogenic foundation. And it has an incredibly versatile finish—we call it a natural matte foundation, but you can turn it into a dewy foundation with the right prep, if that’s your thing. Bottom line: Good Apple is versatile as f*ck. You can do whatever you want with it with the right steps. So, let’s get onto that.


Whether you’re going for a no-makeup-makeup look or pushing your artistry to the limit, every artist needs their canvas. So, let’s lay ours.

Start with the right prep. If you’ve got dry skin, prep your skin with Lock-It Hydrating Primer. If you’re oily, you’ll want to prep with your go-to mattifying primer.


Want to know how to get a more even complexion? Are you always asking yourself “why does my foundation look cakey?” Try this look:

•Pick up a small amount of Good Apple Foundation Balm with a damp beauty sponge.

•Lightly press it into your skin to cancel any redness or discoloration.

Good Apple Foundation Balm is the best lightweight foundation for customizing your coverage. It’s packed with pigment, so even just a little bit covers everything from redness to acne. Trust us, a little goes a very long way.


Sometimes more is more. Good Apple Foundation Balm layers like a dream so you can build up the coverage wherever you need it.

•Start with a sheer layer using the steps above.

•Dip back in with your beauty sponge to pick up more foundation.

•Build up coverage where you need it by patting + blending for a seamless finish.

•Seeing spots? Use it to spot conceal by applying Good Apple Foundation Balm with a concealer brush + blending out the edges.

PRO-TIP: Go full out by using a foundation brush to apply Good Apple for maximum coverage. But remember, start with a small amount + build up.

Pick your final finish

On its own, Good Apple has a natural skin-like finish. If you prepped with a hydrating or radiant primer, you should have more of a dewy foundation finish at this point.

If you have oily zones, set with Lock-It Finishing Powder in just those areas to leave the rest of your skin looking dewy + natural. If you’re oily or want a matte foundation finish, you’re definitely going to want to set Good Apple. Dust on Lock-It Finishing Powder all over the face with a fluffy powder brush, focusing on extra oily areas like your T-zone.

Good Apple Foundation Balm lasts all day, but locking it in with Lock-It will take it the extra mile.

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OK, we’ve got our canvas set. Let’s get artsy. If you kept your foundation sheer + natural, this one’s for you:

LIDS // Create an iconic winged liner look with Tattoo Liner in TROOPER BLACK.

LASHES // Turn up the volume with KVD Go Big or Go Home Mascara.

LIPS // Line your lips + fill in with a more neutral shade of Everlasting Hyperlight Liquid Lipstick, like QUEEN OF POISONS or VELVET CLOAK.

Day to Night look with Good Apple Foundation Video

If you went for full coverage + want to go even bolder with your look, here you go:

LIDS + LASHES // Follow the steps above.

LASH LINE // Add a smoky flash of emerald to your lower waterline with Tattoo Pencil Liner in VERDETTA GREEN. Use a small dense brush to smoke it out.

CREASE // Draw a dash of Tattoo Pencil Liner in TROOPER BLACK on the outer part of your crease. Use a small brush to buff it out+ add definition to your lids.

LIPS // Turn heads in red. Line your lips + fill in with a bold red shade of Everlasting Hyperlight Liquid Lipstick, like BLOODFLOWER or COBRA LILY.

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We realize it can be hard to know how to find your foundation shade, or any other shade for that matter. Well, meet our virtual try on. You can try on the shades + products mentioned in this blog right now on KVDBEAUTY.COM using our virtual try on tool. Check it out.

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KVD Beauty image