ModCon Liquid-Gel Contour

Crank up the contrast + upgrade your sculpt to the next dimension.

ModCon Liquid-Gel Contour quickly drapes shadows to shape your face as you like. Recede what needs receding and augment your highest points—all in a few swipes.

Like an actual shadow, this innovative liquid contour bends light realistically. The secret sauce is in the gel. High-intensity pigments blended in a lightweight gel base spread seamlessly on your skin. The result is lifelike contour with a hydrated finish that lasts all day.

Skin texture’s not emphasized. Just the natural contours of your face. Kind of like you’re in your photo-editor, bumping up the contrast.

Here are a few different ways to place ModCon Liquid-Gel Contour to get the look you’re going for. Let’s get sculpting.


The goal here is to keep the highlight on the center of your face by focusing the shadows on the perimeter. Pretend like your light source is head on—like a permanent ring light.

Dot ModCon Liquid-Gel Contour at the middle peak of your hairline, at the curve of your cheek and the “v” of your chin. Use your fingers or a dense brush like Lock-It Edge Concealer Brush #40 to blend it out.


A nod to a classic makeup artist trick, this technique follows the shape of the outer edges of your face. Some MUAs say the shadows look like the number 3. This enhances what you have while elongating your features.

Apply ModCon Liquid-Gel Contour to your temples, along your cheekbones and right where your jawline dips, then blend out with your fingers or a dense brush.


This technique takes a surgical hand to shadowplay. The purpose: To diminish the space between the cheekbone and jawline.

First, place ModCon Liquid-Gel Contour along the bottom ridge of your cheekbone, arcing to the corner of your lips. Then, apply contour just above the dip of your jawline—not underneath. Remember that the goal is to diminish, not define. Use your fingers or a dense brush. to blend out a seamless finish.

Oh, and contour isn’t restricted to your face. Pull shadow down to your clavicle for a hyper-structured illusion.

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