Tattoo Pencil Liner: The Inspiration

Mark our words, this is the pencil liner you’ve been waiting for.

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The new addition to the Tattoo Crew is finally here! Our #1 liquid liner is now an ultra-smooth gel pencil, rewriting the rules of our iconic Tattoo Liner franchise. Tattoo Pencil Liner gets right to the point, with a super smooth gel formula that creates those laser-sharp lines you know and love, with the added benefit of smudging and shading. With 10 inspiring, historical-themed shades in the collection, Tattoo Pencil Liner looks epic on its own or paired with its original inky sibling. Read on to learn more about our exciting new innovation from concept to execution. 

It’s easy. This viral duo changed the beauty game when it came to combining full coverage foundation and concealer. The crease-resistant concealer blurs and brightens around the eyes and face, teaming with the foundation to level out the look of skin’s texture and tone. They both offer super high-performing coverage that’s buildable and easy to blend, making skin bright, bouncy and selfie-ready in just a few minutes.

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Our inspiration for creating a new form of Tattoo Liner was all about two core foundations of tattooing: precision lining, to easily whip out that bold linework, and shading, for quick smudging and eye-catching dimension. For both the makeup maximalist and the eyeliner beginner, Tattoo Pencil Liner takes eye art to a whole new level with unmatched ease of use and that super versatile gel texture. We drew inspiration from historical media, paints and pigments for the color story, bringing our new launch to life with retrospective. 

We know you love options, and that every day is different when it comes to self-expression. Tattoo Pencil Liner was created to be the ultimate instrument for all day, on-the-fly artistry, since you never know when creativity will strike. So go ahead, expand your art tool kit!

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The pigment-rich shades of electric earth tones do not disappoint. We searched through the color archives and hand-selected from 10 historical paints and pigments. Because makeup is art. Period! With bold, colorful new shades to play with and that high performance that lives up to its name, our concept for Tattoo Pencil Liner is beautifully brought to life. Take notes, here’s some of our favorites: 

AZURITE BLUE A vibrant cobalt shade that brightens and awakens any eye color.  
Derived from a natural mineral, azurite was used in paintings from antiquity of the 18th century.  

DIOX PURPLE A bold amethyst that adds just the right amount of color to darker eye looks. 
Short for dioxazine, this pigment was discovered in 1872 and known as the staple of purple paints and pigments.  

MAGNETITE GREY A smoke grey that blends well with other colors for a fiery smoky eye.  
Named for it’s locality at Magnesia, Greece in 1845, this pigment is created from crushed magnetite mineral and used for many paint techniques.  

VIOLET HEMETITE An antique violet that looks natural and neutral on all skin tones.  
Hematite stones are milled into a fine pigment to create oil and watercolors. Ancient Greek warriors covered their bodies with it in the belief that they would be protected from mortal wounds. 

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Mark our words: it will exceed all your expectations of a classic pencil liner. The difference is in the ultra-creamy gel formula, making it anything but average how it glides across the lids, maintaining that punchy pigment. This high performing pencil rivals a needle with that super sharp precision, and rivals your tattoo artist with that stunning shading capability. It's waterproof, transfer-resistant and fade-defying, making the possibilities of creativity endless. As always, our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.The performance is undeniable (as expected of anything Tattoo Liner), with pigment that makes a serious impact. This long-wear gel liner delivers lines so smooth they’ll stop and stare. It won’t fully set for about five minutes or so, giving you enough time to move it around, smudge it out, and perfect (or imperfect) to your liking. Make ‘em gelous of your new piece!

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You’ll know how to use Tattoo Pencil Liner  after just one use – it's that intuitive. Add Pencil Tattoo Liner to your lineup and blur the lines on what it means to be a pencil liner pro! Here’s some of our top tips:

- Start from the drawing board. Liner technique is all about experimentation, practice and finding the tools to create your vision. This high-performance, vegan, tattoo-inspired pencil liner will get you there.

- Take your ideas to the edge with color or shading to make the full impact of your look. Smudge the formula around as you like before it sets, usually within 5 minutes.

- Play with the thickness of your lines and shapes to add major definition around the eyes. Use that precision tip to create the exact angles and curves you want.

- Before finishing a winged tip, cat eye or other symmetrical look, have the rest of the eye in place first. Use the edge of a tissue, or follow the natural creases of your eyelids to get those balanced angles.

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// THE POINT // 

You now have a sharp new player in your liner lineup, pushing you even further with impactful, in-your-face artistry. We can’t wait to see what looks will come out of this exciting new expansion, in powerful pencil form.